Can I get a custom _____?

Nope, sorry. Wraith is not a custom manufacturer. We cannot and will not entertain your wishes for custom geometries, custom brazed-on bits, or suggestions that we are incapable of change. We love you, but we don't do custom. We do offer a custom line that we will be happy to recommend should this be your goal. However, we do offer a variety of frame sizes that accommodate most of the adult cyclist population.


Do you have touch-up paint?

Most scratches do not significantly rust or corrode since they're on the outside of the frame, plus in our world scratches on your frame are a badge of honor, signifying that you actually use this thing. If you find the fountain of youth and that scratch turns into a hole in 120 years hit us up; we want to know of this fountain. If you really feel the need to touch up scratches we recommend some model or automotive touchup paint, or even nail polish. We can supply the RAL color code of your finish.

I crashed my bike; Can I have a new one?

No. Bicycling is inherently a little risky. Squirrels come out of nowhere, sometimes you forget that your bike is on the roof of your beater. We've been there and we've wrecked that. We know that a Wednesday Night Ride will probably result in replacing that doo-hicky that broke when you were looking at that butt. Don't look at the butt.

Can I fit these tires on my Wraith frame?

We love big tires - they help your bits. That said, we have not tried every tire on every frame. Some manufacturers' tires are a bit smaller than they claim, some are a bit larger, some measure overall tire width, others measure just the casing and don't factor in the extra width knobs add. If we say a frame will fit up to a 45mm tire, that does not mean that EVERY 45mm tire will fit in any gear combo. So take some personal responsibility and use the absolute largest tire with some informed caution. 

We designed our frames around certain tire widths so that’s what we’re sticking with.  Yeah,  XXmm tires all the rage now, but we made that frame to be ridden with a certain width tire so if you want to get into the double black diamond, completely out of bounds, at your own risk behavior of installing different sizes on your bike, hey man, that’s your thing.  All we're gonna say is that it’s gonna mess with your bottom bracket height and the center of gravity of your bike and it might handle kinda stupid. 

Where are your frames manufactured?

All of our frames are made here in the USA. Also note that our frames are not built by some sort of robot, but rather by human hands belonging to experienced professionals.

Where can I test ride a wraith?

This is a tough one. There are not many shops that carry our frames on the sales floor. We just sell frame-sets and finding these built into a bike is nearly impossible. Soon we'll have a pretty good smattering of bike shops that carry some of our frames in stock. If you bribe them maybe they'll build up a frame. For now, you may be buying sight unseen. I know this might make you a bit nervous, but we can talk you down off of that ledge and get you the proper size. 

You can rest easy knowing that hundreds of humans have purchased our frames via the site - and lived happily ever after.