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Does Innovation Always Mean Better Products?

USA batch building

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Since 2009, I've done more than refine an old tradition: I've started a new one. Guided by international feedback, I fuse thin wall steel tube technology from around the world to create a affordable MUSA stock bicycle frame. I Fabricate and Paint everything in small batches of Five from my shop in Kentucky.

Steel & Finish

I pull from domestic and international tubing catalogs. Just because a bicycle is made by hand doesn't mean you're riding on a great bicycle designed with proper internal butting placement. I want to give my customers a crisp, well handling bicycle made from the best Italian and American thin wall steel tubing.  Combining various tubes from multiple maker portfolios allows for an unparalleled on bike experience. Most of all, I want to expand and exceed people’s expectations. 


The Paycheck :

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"These bikes are more about enjoying the time spent on the bike..."

— Gear Patrol Magazine

The Hustle: Road


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"The Paycheck is the only bike out of this group that really pushes me to go faster, almost regardless of what's under the rubber. It actually scares me a little because it easily lets me get to, and sometimes beyond, my comfort/ability zone in the rough stuff. That "OK, this is getting too choppy so you better not go faster" feedback...just isn't there."

Blacked out: